What happens in an episode?

As a KLS sufferer, there are different ways an episode can attack you. It also depends on what happened to trigger it. For me, it can either hit me like a brick wall or I can wake up and be in an episode. There have been times where I could be in class and I would feel weird, or just cleaning the house and it’ll hit me. There are also times where I’ve done something to trigger it and I usually wake up the next day in an episode. When in an episode, the patient is almost like a walking zombie. They won’t really talk very much nor will they look like their normal self. They also can start acting childish (stubborn, high pitched voice, etc.) As for me and many other patients, everything that happens seems very cloudy and you don’t know if it is happening or if you’re just imagining it. The only thing you want to do is sleep, and in most cases the patient sleeps from 15 hours to 21 hours a day. When a patient is in a KLS episode they:

  • excessively sleep
  • over eat at times
  • hum/sing
  • won’t talk a lot (ex. one word answers/shrug shoulders)
  • have hallucinations
  • act childish (high pitch voice, stubborn)
  • get annoyed easily
  • have increased hyper sexuality
  • messy writing/disorganized (in my case, when I was in school during an episode)
  • have changes in mood
  • have changes in “cognitive ability
  • cannot remember what happens during an episode/memory loss
  • get headaches
  • dream-like feeling
  • lack of emotion
  • confusion
  • can look in the mirror and not know who they are
  • sensitive to light and noise
  • blank stares
  • repetitive questions (why does this happen to me? when am I going to get better?)
  • fears/anxiety (wondering if you’re dead or alive)

There are more symptoms than what I have listed but these are the one’s I have personally experienced in almost every episode. The ones that affect me the most would be confusion and being in a dream-like state. While I’m in an episode, I get very confused. Sometimes I could be talking to someone and be confused of what they’re saying, or in worst cases, be confused of who they are. At times, I didn’t know myself or even my own mother. Also, I would feel like I am in a dream which made me unsure of what was reality. Being in this state, made me question what was being said to me or simply what’s going on. There are times where someone would be talking to me and I wouldn’t reply. In my mind I would be thinking it was all a dream. As I mentioned before, on top of these 2 main side effects, I would be experiencing most of the things I’ve listed above all at the same time.

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