Diagnosis & Treatment

Kleine-Levin Syndrome is very difficult to diagnose because it can be so many other disorders, since it is so rare. Unfortunately, it can be misdiagnosed as a psychological disorder. KLS has to be diagnosed through a process of elimination. There are many different types of examinations that you may have to go through.

  • Drug test
  • Blood tests
  • Gastroscopy
  • EEG
  • MRI
  • Sleep test

Again, there may also be other tests but these are the one’s I have experienced. I had to have all of these tests done in order to rule out the other possibilities. There have been doctors who have thought I’m epileptic or schizophrenic. After I’ve ruled out many possibilities, the only doctor who could diagnose me was the Respiratory Therapist.

After 4 years of going to doctors and having tests done, I was officially diagnosed with KLS in February 2014.

Unfortunately, KLS does not have a safe and effective treatment. Other patients have been prescribed pills to stop the episodes but they would only make them worse. In order to be “cured” from KLS, the patient has to be episode free for 6 years.

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