Podcasts I’ve been loving: part 2

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Hey there!

So it’s finally summer and that means more of road trips and more time to listen to podcasts! I thought I’d write a part 2 because I really enjoyed writing my first podcasts I’ve been loving post. I’ve also had some time to listen to more shows and have found new ones that I wanted to share with you!

Here are my current favourite podcasts…

On the line with Estée Lalonde: this is definitely in my list of top favourite podcasts. I’ve followed Estée on Youtube and Instagram for quite some time and have always enjoyed her posts and stuff she shares. In her podcast, she brings many different women on to talk about both lighthearted topics and more serious conversations. She also incorporates her listeners into it as they call or email in questions they are curious about. If you’re into beauty, fashion, health and listening to other women share their experiences and talk about anything, I’d recommend this podcast!

ReWilding with Ella Grace Denton: I’ve listened to a few episodes of this and I really enjoyed them. This is more of a spiritual podcast with Ella and her guests sharing their journeys to becoming who they are now and reconnecting with themselves. I would highly recommend listening to her podcast if you are wanting that inspiration and connection. Every episode I’ve listened to has made me feel refreshed and curious about learning more.

No Makeup Needed: I’ve only listening to one episode of this one but I thought I would talk about it because I know I’ll listen to more. Michelle invites female guests and entrepreneurs and they talk about what it’s like starting their business, how they got to where they are and how to juggle their life and career. I’ve enjoyed listening to it so far so I’m excited to continue!

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton: this one is definitely a feel good podcast. Fearne has many different guests who open up about their life experiences, both good and bad and through it all, what happiness means to them. I like this one because it’s important to remind yourself of what happiness is and how to bring that into your life if something negative is happening. I look forward to listening to more!

Well, that’s all for today. Those are my current favourite podcasts and I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’d love to know some of your favourite podcasts in the comments below.

Happy long weekend, I’ll be back!

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