Thank you, 2018.

Happy New Year!

Thinking about 2018 has me really thankful. This year was full of new experiences, all of which have been exciting and some challenging. I’m so thankful for what 2018 has brought me, whether it was new memories, new friends, new places travelled to or a new job. There has been some lows and a whole lot of highs to be happy about.

Here’s what my 2018 consisted of:

  • Finished my second and third semesters of nursing
  • Travelled to Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake with my boyfriend – this was my first time going to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake
  • Decided to leave the coffee shop and took some time off from working (more time than I hoped since I didn’t have a job lined up)
  • Really learnt how to save my money and prioritize what I purchase, and because I wasn’t getting paid, I cleaned out my closet and sold a lot of stuff
  • Realized that finding a job is not easy at all, and to have patience because something meant to be will come along
  • I was gifted a film camera from my parent’s friends after the loss of my $7 film camera from the thrift store, and have been using it more and more
  • Photographed my first wedding – I am not professional by any means but it was a really good experience and something that was challenging and new to me
  • Started my second/third year of nursing and met all new people – something that made me nervous and excited at the same time
  • Painted my Mom’s old desk and made a DIY project – it took more work than I thought but I’m proud of the outcome
  • Getting a job as a unit clerk in the hospital – this is exactly the job I was looking for, it took some time to find but as I said, something meant to be will come along
  • Accomplished my first clinical experience – it was an experience for sure but it gave me lots of good (and some crazy) memories
  • Finished up my final exams and worked lots during Christmas break
  • Wrapped up my year with some wonderful people!

So that was my year… full of new experiences, new places, and new friends. This past year taught me patience, how to work extra hard and manage stress at the same time, it gave me new friends and new experiences, it gave me a few tears and a whole lot of gratitude.

Here’s to a new year, cheers 2019!

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