DIY: My New Desk!


Wow, life is busy. I haven’t been on here for a while, let alone my Instagram or anything else. I think I needed a break from social media since it felt like my brain was starting to go crazy. Anyone else go through that? Anyways, I wanted to share my first real DIY project and something I’m really proud of!

This desk.

The other day I was thinking of ways I could effectively study at home without any distractions and a proper place to tackle my homework. I didn’t have the money to buy myself a new desk and I realized that we had an old desk that wasn’t being used.

Oh my goodness, was it a lot of work… But honestly, I just wanted a desk that was mine and didn’t cost me a lot of money so I was willing to put in the effort. Actually this entire desk, except 1 drawer knob, was completely repurposed. So really, this lovely thing cost me a total of $3.86 and some elbow grease.

Let me break it down… the desk was my Mom’s from high school that was a good storage unit for years, the crystal knobs were from a construction site my Dad worked at, and the white paint came from an opened jar downstairs. And just like that, everything I needed to make it new again!

This project took about a days work and I actually really enjoyed the process, even with my sore wrist from sanding it down and painting it. 100% worth it.

What have been your favourite DIY projects?! I’d love to hear in the comments! Thanks for reading and I hope this post inspires you to make old things new again!

That’s all for today, I’ll be back!

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