Summer 2018: Recap

Oh hey!

Wow it’s been a while. I kind of fell off the motivational tracks for a while, hence no blog posts. But I had a nice, busy-ish summer which was all I hoped for. Just thought I’d come on here to tell you about my summer, what I checked off of my summer to-do list and a little catch up!

I can’t believe it’s already September?!? August just flew buy and now school is starting. I’ve been itching to get back into it but also a little nervous… Lately I’ve been rounding up supplies and all things nursing for this semester so I know it’s beginning soon! Crazy.

How was your summer?! Did you go anywhere, do anything special? My summer was filled with lots of beach days, job searching (still working on that), cleaning, purging and selling unwanted things, and spending time with myself, people I enjoy and doing things that will better myself and my mind.

This summer was very different for me… I’ve never been jobless for this long, since I started working when I was 15 or even younger. It’s been a weird change and honestly, after a month and a half, I’m still not used to it. Now, I haven’t been actively looking for jobs because sometimes I do enjoy just doing nothing, but lately I think it’s doing more harm than good. And in all honesty, job hunting is not easy! But I’ve continued to put out resumes and that’s all I can do for now. Besides, school is starting soon so I’ll be less anxious when I get out of the house more, haha!

As for my Summer to-do List… Here’s what I did do!

  • Spent more time camping/being outdoors: since I didn’t have a job most of the summer, I was able to go to the lake a lot more. It was so nice to get back out there, go to the beach and just spend time outdoors.
  • Went stargazing (kind of): I didn’t necessarily go out of the city to do this but my boyfriend brought back a telescope from his grandparents and we used that. The moon is SO cool!!! I am still speechless of this universe.
  • Went to an outdoor theatre: my to-do list was a drive-in but they’re a fair drive from us so we went to an outdoor screening downtown. I’m going to be honest… it was a bust. With me being easily distracted, trees covering the screen and inability to get comfy… We left early. But it was definitely worth the try, maybe another night!
  • Took lots of photos, not so much videos: I brought out my camera several times this summer, and was gifted the coolest film camera which I have used and loved!
  • Photographed a wedding: this one was by total fluke but I had so much fun, and the photos turned out pretty good for my first time! I don’t think I would do this as a job since it is a LOT of work so huuuuge appreciation to the actual photographers.
  • Went to a fair: this one makes me laugh because I wouldn’t call it much of a fair but it was still fun! It was at my mom’s hometown, and it was nice to go back and visit family and eat lots of food.
  • Lots of walks and a picnic: one of my favourite things to do is to go walking with friends and catch up on life. Or to go on a picnic and just chill. I did both and loved them.
  • Took a small trip: going to Calgary with my boyfriend was my small trip for the summer! It was very enjoyable. You can read about it here!
  • Found more hidden gems: I don’t really count this one because I’m always trying to find new places to see around the city, no matter what the season is!

Well, that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed your summer, did lots but allowed time for yourself! I’d love to hear how your summer went in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back!

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