Shop Local: Summer Treats

Happy August! This one is for the people who love to treat themselves! Literally.

If you’re from Regina, you probably feel like we don’t have a whole lot to offer. But hopefully, you’ve come to know that we are growing and more creative businesses are on the rise. So I’m here to list off my favourite local summer treats …in no particular order because they’re all amazing!

  1. Starting off with the photo above… Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream & Waffle Tacos. What a mouth full, ha ha! This ice cream truck just opened in June, and something that I’ve wanted to try for a while! They have a list of 10 different flavours, I decided to try “Salt Bae” which is vanilla ice cream with caramel drizzle, chocolate pieces, and pretzels. Topped with all of the delicious things. Highly recommend.
  2. HoBoDonuts. If you like donuts, you probably know who he is. And even if you don’t like donuts, you’ve probably heard of him. He serves the best, most creative donuts ever. I’ve actually lost track of how much money I’ve spent on donuts… and yes, it’s 100% worth it.
  3. Another donut business… The Everyday Kitchen. But she adds a twist, homemade sourdough donuts. She also serves the best, most delicious donuts and if you like sourdough anything, you’ll LOVE these. And even if you don’t like sourdough, you’ll probably still love these.
  4. And another ice cream shop… Little Sparrow Ice Cream. Now this one I have yet to try, but I thought I would add it in because they just opened up in June as well! They serve regular dairy ice cream as well as vegan ice cream! Their flavours sound intriguing so I’ll definitely be stopping by soon!

All of these shops are pop-up businesses at multiple locations all posted on their Instagram. Go and enjoy what these shops have to offer, and keep supporting local!

That’s all for today! Now time to go treat yourself…

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