Update: life & KLS

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Hello again friends!

I just wanted to write about what I’ve been doing and my Sleeping Beauty update!

These past couple weeks has been full of changes, some challenges and ultimately making decisions that will better myself. Sometimes those decisions are not easy, and some take longer than hoping but in the end, it’s worth it. And hopefully you will be able to learn a few things and be thankful about it!

That being said, it’s time for me to move on from the coffee shop. I’ve worked as a barista for over 3 years and I’ve LOVED everything about it. Making drinks, being creative while making said drinks, our customers, my coworkers, and just overall atmosphere of the coffeeshop. But going into 3rd year nursing has me really wanting to find a job in healthcare. So why not go for it?! I’m excited for this new chapter but for now, I’m taking a break from working. Nothing long or extravagant, no travelling or anything… just time to be still. It’s good to make time for yourself and after these last few months, it’s exactly what I need.

Now on a KLS note: I haven’t talked about KLS a lot but it’s still something that’s always happening in my life. Even though I’m not writing about KLS as much, I’m still sharing my story and I’m always open to conversation or questions if you have any! Another exciting thing is that with KLS being so rare, my goal was to connect with people who also have KLS. I’ve actually been in contact with a wonderful lady from the UK who has an incredible story, and another lovely lady in Canada, who was actually the reason why I knew about KLS and how I started my diagnosis. It seemed impossible at the start since KLS is “one in a million” and I’m full of gratitude that I am able to talk with them!

Anyways, this July marks 2 years of being episode free! I’m still staying away from and controlling my triggers since I am not completely episode free. I still have 4 more years of being episode free until I’m done my round of KLS. So yes, it’s something that I’m still having to manage on even though I may not talk about it as much!

So this is what’s happening in my life right now! It’s not too crazy, but just here to say that challenges happen all the time and if you need to make those changes and move forward, do it! If it’s good for you and good for your wellbeing, don’t hesitate to make that first step!

And if you’re wanting to know more about KLS, I encourage you to message or write in the comments below!

That’s all for today. Hope all is well with you!

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