Let’s chat: Comparison

Hello lovely people!

This post is about something I’ve been feeling and may be the reason why I haven’t posted as much lately. It’s a longer post of my latest Instagram, mainly to get my thoughts cleared up. And maybe it can help you out too!

Comparison is a silly thing. I’m not exactly sure why we do it because we are all so uniquely different and on our own ‘incomparable’ journeys. We are who we are for a reason and no one can take that away from us. We all bring something beautiful and different to this world, and that’s something we should celebrate.

Relating this to writing, I’ve been judging myself and what I post by telling myself, “people don’t want to read this,” “people don’t care about this post,” etc. and it’s quite destructive. I’ve been comparing myself to others or just simply being too hard on myself when in reality, it doesn’t matter about the ‘others’. If I’m doing something that makes me happy then I will continue to do it! It’s something so simple, yet we make it complicated.

Love yourself without any judgement or negativity, you are who you are for a reason. Your journey reflects your strength, your power and just how wonderful you are– not anyone else.

Be kind to yourself!

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