Travel: Calgary & Banff

Hey there!

I went on another little blog break but this time I actually travelled somewhere! The end of June, my boyfriend and I decided to travel to Calgary, Banff, and the beautiful lakes in between. This was my first time actually experiencing Calgary, even though I’ve been a handful of times before. And this was our first time travelling together which was pretty exciting for the both of us!

The day we arrived, we made our way to the Airbnb condo and since it was the evening, we couldn’t resist a Cactus Club supper and a nice walk around downtown.

Day 2 was IKEA and shopping… my big purchase was a pair of sunglasses (which I am in LOVE with.) The highlight of this day was probably sitting in a $7000 Herman Miller Eames chair and then sitting in a Tesla or as I would like to call it, a robot. For supper we went to Ten Foot Henry then stopped at Village Ice Cream in the evening… highly recommend both if you’re in the area! The supper and atmosphere was amazing and ice cream was sooo good. And there’s a cement staircase sitting area just outside Village, super cool. A lovely evening!

Day 3 was most definitely both of our favourite day! We went to Banff, Johnston Canyon, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake! I haven’t actually been to any of these places besides Banff when I was a lot younger… And every one of them left me speechless, wow. I don’t even know where to begin so let me just throw in my highlights of this day:

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  • Johnston Canyon secret cave: this is probably one of the most popular photographs taken and I can see why. Unbelievable! We hiked for hours, on and off the path trying to find this cave (because there’s no real directions to get to it) and it felt like a miracle when we actually found it. I’m not kidding, we were both in awe of how cool it was.

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  • Lake Louise, picnic and chill: we stopped at the village market in Lake Louise to get some food for a picnic/supper (since we were budgeting) but honestly, that’s my kind of evening. A simple sandwich and watermelon, looking out at one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada… how can you not enjoy that kind of picnic???
  • Moraine Lake, climbing the hill and wanting to make it to 22: so when we arrived at Moraine Lake, I was 80% exhausted and Lucas convinced me that we should climb the hill (small mountain) to get the best view of the lake. By the way thank you for that suggestion, it was incredible. It was a mixture of stairs and rocks, not the easiest walk but also not the hardest… By the time we were almost up I made a joke to him, “I need to make it to 22,” since my birthday was the next day. Safe to say we made it, I’m obviously still alive and was completely amazed to see that view. And the WATER… I’ve never seen water that clear and BLUE.

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  • The beautiful sunset when we were leaving the mountains also left me speechless.

Day 4 was also a wonderful day! Started off with waffles from Buttermilk ( highly recommend as well), a walk in the park, take out from Without Papers Pizza, a churro for dessert (I’ve been wanting a churro for 5 years since California so yes, I was happy to finally have one) and a Vance Joy concert to end the night! It was the perfect birthday.

Day 5, back home we go! By the end of it, I think it’s safe to say we’ll travel again haha!

This was a lovely trip to go on, and one that I’ll never forget! These are the places that I hope everyone will have the chance to see and they remind me of how grateful I am to live in Canada!

Thank you to Lucas for being a wonderful traveller and showing me the most beautiful places.

I’ll be back!

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