Summer to-do List

Happy June!!!

I’ve been on an inspiration kick recently and I’m loving it. I’m feeling really good, I’ve been writing lots and the Universe is providing me with the energy I needed! I’m full of gratitude and just having fun with life and everyone in it.

Wow I can’t believe it’s June already, where did this year go?! I guess as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. As we’re heading into summer I thought I’d write my little summer to-do list!

  1. Finish reading my small collection of books. Over the last few months, I’ve grown my collection of novels, poetry, self-help books, etc. and I’ve set a goal to finish them before the end of this year. Let’s make it fun and try for the end of this summer! I love to read and usually when school starts, the only reading I have time for is my nursing textbooks.
  2. Spend more time camping/being outdoors. This is one thing that I’m really hoping to be able to do more this summer! I love being outside, soaking up the sun and fresh air but sometimes I’m not able to get out enough. So this summer I’m planning to go to our campsite, go to the beach and do lots outdoor adventures. Biking, walking around the lake, hiking trails…
  3. Go find flower fields. This one is a typical summer photo on a lot of people’s Instagram feeds but they’re all so pretty! I have yet to find a flower field but I’ve heard rumours of a sunflower field not too far from my house…
  4. Go stargazing. This is something that anyone can do literally every night (when it’s not cloudy) but I rarely do. But this summer, I want to drive away from the city lights and just relax under the stars. Sounds lovely to me!
  5. Go to a drive-in theatre. There are quite a few drive-ins outside of the city and they’re making a comeback! I love this idea, but have yet to experience it so hopefully I will this summer!
  6. Take more photos and videos. I absolutely love watching videos, looking at old photos and reminiscing on the past… I want to take more photos and videos, and create one of those videos for myself and whoever wants to watch. And I’ve just recently bought myself a film camera which I’m very excited to use!
  7. Go to a fair or parade. These have always been fun and remind me of being a kid again! They’re always so lively and happy, and it’s just a good time.
  8. Take a small trip. I say small trip because I don’t have the funds for another big trip. One day I’ll get to somewhere new and exciting but for now, I’ll stay close to home. There’s always something fun if you take the time to find it!
  9. Work, work work. This one doesn’t sound as exciting, but it can be when you have a job you enjoy! Plus, the only time I can really make money is in the summer (oh the life of a student…)
  10. Find more hidden gems around my city. I love exploring and finding “secret” little places. It always seems like you’re in a different city and it’s refreshing to know that you can always find something new in a city you’ve lived in for years.

So these are the few things I have planned for my summer of 2018! I hope I’ll be able to get them all done, and then some. Do you have any summer plans?? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Take care,

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