Update: life & 2nd year university

Hello, I’m back!

Wow it’s been a while, happy Spring! I’ve been obsessing over the blooming trees and flowers, the sunshine and warm weather. It’s just an overall happy time and I love being outside! Sorry to leave you all hangin’ (again) but I hope you’ve been well! Just thought I’d give a little update on my life, what I’ve been up to, how my second year of university went and some future blog posts.

Life… it’s going pretty good. I feel like I’ve barely done anything lately except study and work but now that my classes are done, I have a lot more free time! With this beautiful weather, I’ve been going on lots of walks and hopefully going on bike rides soon, spending my money at popup shops (mainly donuts) and just enjoying my days!

2nd year of University… I absolutely loved it. There were a few classes that were a drag but overall, it was a really fun year. Although I haven’t taken any of my clinical’s yet, school definitely kept me busy, slightly stressed me out but made me excited for the future. As much as I enjoyed most of my classes, it was near the end and the warm weather was here so I was definitely lacking the motivation factor. I’m excited to keep on learning but for right now, I’m going to enjoy my summer away from textbooks.

For as little as I’ve posted these last few months, I do have new blogs to post and I will do that very soon! That’s one thing I just cannot do… juggle writing, school, work and having a social life. But it’s a lot easier to post in the summer because I find there’s more inspiration and opportunity to go out and do things! I’m also really good at over analyzing my writing then becoming too shy to actually publish them, which is why I have a ton of drafts and no new posts. Anyone else do that or just me??? I’ll have to work on that but for now…

Some blog posts I’m working on or wanting to write about (there’s more I promise):

  • More review posts for skincare, makeup, books, etc.
  • Things I’ve been listening to, watching and reading (a compilation of all sorts)
  • Changes I’ve made to help the environment
  • KLS update
  • Local Favourites #2 and hopefully more!

If you have anything you’d like me to write about, let me know in the comments! I’m open to suggestion and would love to know what you want to read. Because if you’re enjoying my posts thus far, I’m sure we have similar taste. And I could always use some inspiration!

OK that’s it for this post. Just wanted to pop on and tell you that I’m here and ready for summer! Do you have any travel or other exciting summer plans?? I’d love to hear!

Take care,

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