Finding Motivation

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Hi friends!

This post might be a bit longer but I promise it’s motivational! So I’ve been feeling a lot of negative energy lately which results in negative things happening to me. I’ve been lacking motivation for studying, going to work…etc but I’m working on getting out of this rut! It happens, life happens and sometimes it’s not always the way you want it to be. Sometimes I lose touch with my frequency and the universe which makes me feel lost but it forces me to find it again. I was dealing with this for quite some time and life just kept throwing negative things at me. So I went to my Instagram followers for some help and asked, “what are some things you do to help with negativity/stress?”

These were their amazing responses…

“Painting! Or for me, I just go find a quiet place where there is an ocean/lake nearby and enjoy the view. Waves or bodies of water relax me. The flow of water calms me down and reminds me of how life should just flow. Working out too helps! And whatever negativity you’re dealing with, don’t give up- just put your head up high and smile. That’s just life!”

“I use the app headspace. It’s free guided meditation and has time ranging 1-20 minutes. It’s amazing and definitely helps me when I need to get rid of negative energy!”

“There’s a few things I do that help me get out of a negative headspace. 1) Accept my feelings, whatever they may be. 2) Make a plan of action to change my thought patterns. 3) This usually means for me to get outdoors, buy myself from fresh flowers or create anything. 4) And lastly I try to get out of my own negative headspace by reaching to those I love, calling my parents or texting a friend.”

“I’ve been going to these workshops and my negative energy has been completely turned around and I’ve been feeling so much more refreshed and positive! It’s called belief re-patterning and it’s honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced!”

“Yoga! Young living oils and a hot epsom salt bath. Also a journal to write all the negativity out on paper! You will feel better to get it out.”

“I take 5 minutes every day to sit in the dark, no sound or motions, and I take deep breaths to reflect on the day and pull out the positives! One of my fave activities to help de-stress and cleanse myself from any kind of day. Also reading poetry, drawing, listening to empowering and inspirational songs, yoga- anything that makes me physically feel good and makes my soul feel good too!”

“Wake up an hour before you normally would and consider that your ‘me-time,’ your do whatever you want to do. Read a book, write a story, go for a run/do yoga. Just anything that you want to do or haven’t been able to do because you’ve been too busy with other stuff. It will seriously change your life and you will be so much more productive!”

“Burn palo santo in your room and around your body. For some reason this always helps me because I feel like the smoke clears bad vibes and even if it doesn’t, that mindset makes me think it does!”

“Workout! Helps me with stress.”

“I like to read with a cup of tea! I guess this working would depend on whether or not you like to read but it’s always super relaxing and I can lose myself in a book and forget about the world.”

“Guided meditations!”

“Spend time with people who have the energy you’re lacking right now.”

Now I know that everyone’s routine for getting out of a rut is completely subjective but each one of these responses has helped! For myself, I set an alarm every morning so I don’t sleep in and feel gross for the rest of my day. I’ve also downloaded Headspace to do some meditation every morning before I do anything else. Sometimes my thoughts spiral and it’s not always positive, so I’m learning to snap out of it and become more aware of my surroundings! Going for runs and taking baths have helped me restart or relax too. I also brought out my “You Are A Badass” book that I wrote about in my Staying Connected post, just to remind myself that I am in control of my life and whatever energy I give, I will receive the same energy back. As you can see in the photo posted, I have a candle, flowers, bath milk and Bloom by Estée Lalonde. I have yet to read this book but I have a good feeling it will inspire me.

Yes, life throws you a whole bunch of things and sometimes it’s overwhelming, but that does not mean you can’t handle it. Sometimes you need to take a step back to look at the big picture and find the positives! If that means taking a break, stop going on social media, working out or sitting in silence, then do it! I’ve always thought of it like re-training your brain. Yes, it’s hard to do- and takes a lot of work- but it’s completely worth it if it means taking care of your wellbeing! And not to mention, everyone goes through their own ruts and by all of these responses- it’s shown me that I’m not dealing with it alone!

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary.  Thank you to everyone who reminded me to do so and to remind me that I’m not in this alone. This is exactly what I needed!

Take care,

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