Spring Haul: Fashion/Skincare

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Well hello again!

I did a vote on my instagram stories and a lot of you wanted me to finish this haul! My original plan was to do a winter haul but hey, there’s only a month left so let’s get excited for spring… (within me writing this part, Mother Nature decided to dump snow on us but I’m not letting that bring my excitement down!) So this post is combined with a few things I ordered from ASOS months ago and a few recent things.

Let’s get to it, here’s my fashion and skincare Spring haul…

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American Eagle Floral Embroidered Sweater 

If anything screams spring, it’s this sweater. I recently bought this because I love my sweaters, especially with floral embroidery. It’s super soft and slightly cropped with bell sleeves and too cute to pass up! Also I feel like this is something you can dress up or down, however you feel and it’ll still look good!


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Reebok shoes from Marshall’s

These are my special shoes, by special I mean I’m cautious when I wear them because they’ll get dirty waaaay too quickly. I bought these because I love comfy shoes (and you bet these are comfy with the memory foam soles) and because I really like the look of cream coloured runners! I’m waiting until it’s nicer out to wear these because they’re just not enough for knee deep snow but for the few times I have worn them, my feet are thanking me.


Sunglasses, Gold Rings and Bracelet from ASOS

These are the 3 accessories I bought a few months ago from my go-to store ASOS. I love my sunglasses, especially in the winter with the glare and these really go with anything! And of course, a few rings and a bracelet to dress up an outfit or wear casually, these are super simple looking which is all I want. I’ve been loving golds as it’s not so harsh on my skin tone and it’s just so pretty.

One thing about ASOS is that they give you student discounts through UniDays (it’s free!) You can use my link to sign up for free yourself (myunidays.com/r/AUAirUbXmXA) and save $$ on plenty of different brands/stores/apps!


Herbivore Coconut bath soak

OK so since we’re in the middle of a snow storm, it’s cold out and there’s nothing like a hot bath can’t fix. This bath soak makes a hot bath 100x better because it smells amazing and my skin is loving me afterwards. Herbivore products are a bit pricier but you don’t need a whole lot so they do last a long time!

St. Ive’s oatmeal and shea butter lotion

A dry winter does not have to mean dry skin but unfortunately that’s what I (and probably many others) have been dealing with. I bought a lotion from The Body Shop which I normally love but it’s not moisturizing enough for this kind of weather. So I decided to opt for the classic St. Ive’s and it’s so nice. It soaks into my skin and isn’t greasy (so putting on jeans after isn’t a challenge), and it really does make my skin look and feel a whole lot nicer. Plus, I’ve been doing research on the toxicity of products and this one isn’t horrible, minus the fragrance part if you’re wondering.

And that’s it for my spring haul, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Now if spring could hurry up…

Happy Monday to you!

4 thoughts on “Spring Haul: Fashion/Skincare

  1. Cute top girl! 💖
    I also use the St. Ives brand and I love it! You should try their exfoliator its amazing to the skin :)
    I love your blog I’m happy to stumble upon your site! when you have time feel free to check mine out :)


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