Travel: Montreal

Hello, my friends!

I’m back with a new travel post and another place in my heart. Montreal was a wonderful experience and even though we didn’t see everything, I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation! And by not seeing everything, there’s another reason to go back…

Some places we went to and things we did: Downtown (shopping, of course), The Village, Osheaga Music Festival (amazing time and would go again), visited some beautiful churches, went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, went to Khalid’s concert, visited Old Montreal, went to the cutest cafe (Tommy Cafe in Old Montreal, highly recommend), climbed Mont Royal which was hilarious and traumatic considering we took the most difficult way up (but the view of the sunset and city lights was totally worth it). Also spent a good portion walking, eating, waiting for the metro and occasionally getting lost or going the wrong way.

I loved this trip so much and it was lovely to see a different part of Canada! So many laughs and adventures created along the way with some wonderful friends. So much love to Kennedy for being a great travel partner, to David for being a wonderful host, giving us shelter and showing us the best places and to Melissa for being a part of this trip! You are all the best!

Some photos of my trip:

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved sharing it.

Here’s to new places, new friends and new adventures!



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