Full Review: Naked Kitty Naturals


Hello again!

I’m back with a full Naked Kitty Naturals review! If you’ve missed my last review for the Dark Matter Scrub + Mask, click here!

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m slowly obsessing over everything she makes, as you can probably tell. They’re all natural, vegan and gentle… Not to mention, effective and you can tell she cares about everything she puts into her products!

Alright, let’s start with the Happy Glow Toner! This stuff is AMAZING. I spray a little on (about 3 squirts) right after I wash my face and before I put on my moisturizer. There’s only 5 ingredients too: water, witch hazel, seaweed extract and tea tree and lavender essential oils. It is soothing and helps acne, although my acne is so stubborn and my skin isn’t perfect, it has helped (and I did get a compliment on how good my skin looked *bonus!*)

The second product is one that I’ve already reviewed but here’s an updated review for the Dark Matter Mask… This is probably my favourite mask ever, despite how messy it can get. My skin has never been this soft from a mask and you can feel it working, let alone see it working. It’s a charcoal powder with only a few ingredients and you add however much water you want. I usually put this mask on fairly thick (maybe 1-2 teaspoons of powder and a lil bit of water) since that’s what seems to work best!

The third product is a Supernatural Moisturizer! Let me just say how nicely this pairs with the toner… these two together are incredible. As I’ve mentioned, I have fairly oily skin but I’ve learned that you NEED moisturizer (whatever skin type you have) and this one is lovely. It doesn’t have SPF but I just use my CeraVe SPF 30 moisturizer overtop and it works wonders!

And onto the last product! I decided to buy this Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Scrub and oh my… It smells (and tastes) delicious. Exactly like a strawberry daiquiri. I’ve tried doing a lip scrub just from sugar and oil but it wasn’t that fun (and it tasted weird) so I needed to find something that made me want to lick my lips and well, I found it! This scrub a smaller jar, but you don’t need a lot so it does last for a while! It’s just so summery and cute, I love it.

I highly recommend these products (and anything else she makes) if you’re looking for local, vegan and all natural for your face/body! This post is not sponsored, I just love this line because it works and it’s affordable. If you’re looking for more of her products, here is her online store!

Happy skin, happy self!

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