KLS Update: July 2017


Hi there!

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little personal Kleine-Levin Syndrome update. I haven’t talked about KLS in a post lately so here I go. KLS is the reason why I started this blog and it’s something that has changed my life. Now let’s celebrate…

I’ve been 1 year episode free! *happy dance*

Growing out of Kleine-Levin Syndrome is quite a process. I have to be 6 years completely symptom free in order to be finished… 5 more years to go! But if I get sick, which I’m hoping won’t happen, the 6 years starts over. The average age to grow out of KLS is early-mid 20s so I’m almost there!

Let’s look back a year… I’ve talked about my last episode and how I was more “aware” of things going on around me. I was aware as in, I was constantly reminding myself that everything was real and things were happening around me. That being said, I still had a lot going through my mind and behavioural changes like a typical episode.  That one was more difficult to bounce back from because I pushed myself too much to get my mind back to reality. But I finished it (it took about 2 weeks, as usual) and I’ve been healthy ever since!

My life right now is still an ongoing process of staying clear from things that can get me sick, so… I don’t drink alcohol (or I’ll have very little), I have to get adequate amounts of sleep, stress is not my friend, neither is the flu… All sorts of things! More information on my triggers is here.

KLS is still extremely rare and still about 1 in a million. There is no cure to be found yet (there is medication but I find that even it can be questionable), there is no specific gene that has been found and no specific reason as to why it happens. There have been some speculations but nothing certain. So please, continue to spread awareness!

As much of an obstacle it is, I’m always fascinated by my brain and the way it works. I’ve taught myself that there are others who have it worse and my episodes will not stop me from living the life I want. KLS is incredibly interesting and I will always spread awareness, educate people, answer questions and continue to tell my story!

Thank you for your continuous love and support!

You’ve been amazing to me,

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