21 Things…

Hello wonderful people!

I recently turned 21 and I wanted to share 21 things I’ve learnt in 21 years… Let’s get to it!

  1. Self-love should be a priority. Taking care of yourself, your body, your mind and soul will allow you to grow into something incredible and powerful.
  2. You are your thoughts. Whatever energy you feel or think, could be the outcome. You don’t always have to think positive but being optimistic won’t hurt.
  3. Travel as much as you can. There will be times where you are unable to, so take your chance now, save money and pack your bags. You never know what good will come out of it and the people you meet if you don’t go.
  4. Find something you’re passionate about, something you love and go with it. Devote your time and energy towards it. You’ll never know where it will take you until you try.
  5. Whenever something sets you back, work even harder towards your goal. As difficult or as much as you may not want to, the outcome will be remarkable and you will feel even more proud of yourself.
  6. Never take things for granted, whatever they may be. You never know what could happen to lose it, so be thankful for what you have.
  7. Compliment people. It will make them (and yourself) feel good.
  8. Don’t waste your time and energy with people who constantly hurt you. It’s not worth it for yourself and you need to know that you deserve better.
  9. Smile lots. It releases endorphins which make us happy, and you’ll look good.
  10. If you are upset, think about the situation and realize it won’t last forever. In a few months, you may forget about it. If not, try to think of a way that it can heal you instead of hurt you.
  11. Try something new. Whether that’s food, art, an adventure. Just something you’ve never done before that will excite you.
  12. If you feel unorganized, write out lists. They help and make you feel accomplished afterwords. Something easy and useful.
  13. Read. Reading helps and allows you to delve into something that’s not necessarily reality. Poems, books, novels… Anything. And it’s healthy.
  14. Take lots of photos. They’re nice to look back at, see where you were and who you were with and what you were doing.
  15. Go to lots of concerts. Live music is magical and the feeling of seeing your favourite artist is amazing, and lots of fun. Seeing artists you don’t know, is also amazing and lots of fun.
  16. Go to local events. Concerts, art shows, handmade markets. Support your community and your people. It’ll make them happy and you never know what you’ll find.
  17. Understand that being shy is okay, and being outgoing is also okay. Be both if you want. Be whatever makes you comfortable and will allow you to have a good time.
  18. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your background is, who you love, who your religious beliefs are/are not… If you are kind and make the room brighter when you walk in, you are amazing.
  19. If you feel sad, angry and happy all in one go, it’s just your hormones and it will pass. You’re not going crazy and you’ll be okay.
  20. Understand that every single person is unique. You should never compare yourself to others. Realize that you are absolutely incredible and no one can stop you from flourishing.
  21. Sometimes people won’t always be there for you and that’s why you have to be there for yourself. No matter what happens, you cannot lose yourself. This one is another self-love thing because I believe it’s that important.

Alright, that’s it! I feel like I could continue this because you learn a lot in 21 years…and even more as the years come! A lovely thank you to everyone who has helped me grow into the person I am, everyone who helps me celebrate the happy things and for continuing to radiate positive energy into my life. You’re incredible and I love you all.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be back soon!

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