Create, Love, Share

Hello again!

I was struggling to figure out a post to write so I was thinking back on some conversations I had lately. A friend of mine was talking about how she wanted to get into creating clothes and another was talking about how she’s thinking of starting a blog but wasn’t sure what to write about. My reply to both of those conversations were, “Do it! You never know what will come out of it until you start!”

So, I’m here to talk about taking your leap of faith towards something you love. I’ve mentioned before that starting this blog was scary, but I knew I wanted to share my story and write about things I enjoy. Even to this day and after this many posts, I still get nervous to click the “PUBLISH” button and I think that’s a feeling that will never go away. I’m always wondering if people will acknowledge my posts and I’m always so grateful for the reaction I get. I write because I love it (and it’s quite therapeutic) and I’ve been told my love for blogging shows in all my posts. That is an amazing feeling.

I’m not only talking about blogging or fashion, but anything your heart desires. If you create or do something and you love it, people will notice and it will show in all your work. I’m a huge believer in living your life with so much love, attention and care for everything you do. Your job, your hobbies and talents, anything. It is so important to love and appreciate everything you do, along with being proud of it and of who you are because of it.

Now, if you have an idea that won’t leave your mind… Just work on it, put your energy towards it and something amazing will come out of it. I promise you! Share that story, do something, make things, write music and be proud of what you’re capable of accomplishing and where it takes you. The universe has endless opportunities for your passions, so go out there and make it happen! This is me telling you to do what you love, and me also telling you that I believe in the wonderful things you can accomplish!

Never stop creating and never stop loving your life!

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