Summer Essentials 2017

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Hi friends!

I thought it would be fun to do a summer essentials, since the warm weather has hit, the sun is shining and travel plans are happening! Here are a few (how about 10) of my favourite summer things and some things for any season… Alright, let’s get to it!

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During summer, I love having a backpack instead of a purse simply because it fits more than any of my purses and I find them easier to carry. This one is from Forever 21 and I’m obsessed with it, plus it goes with everything!

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Sunglasses are needed during the hot summer days (and every sunny day in any other season…) I bought myself these cute ones at Urban Planet for super cheap and I love them!

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A bathing suit is a must for hot weather, travelling and going to the beach! I couldn’t help myself when I saw this bathing suit… I love the colour, the style and fabric. I’m all about finding reasonabily priced clothes and accessories (which is both good and bad…) and this one was about $20 at Ardene!

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Let’s talk skincare and beauty now! I feel like I’m one to really take good care of my skin, and I believe that SPF is a must when it comes to moisturizer. This one from CeraVe with SPF 30 and is my favourite by far. It’s also super easy to apply makeup afterwords! It’s a bit pricier than other drugstore moisturizes but in my opinion, totally worth it.

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Okay, let me just rave about my favourite makeup brand, NYX. It’s amazing and I’ve never found anything in comparison that doesn’t destroy my bank account. Plus, they have EVERYTHING. This one is a BB cream and light coverage for a nice natural summer look!

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Oh look, another one from NYX. Basically my entire makeup collection is this brand. I have oily skin and I’ve always gone for the matte look but I wanted to see what a dewy finish would look like and I LOVE it! First off if you have oily skin, don’t go for matte! (I learnt that the hard way…) It sounds contradicting but the reason why your pores produce oil is because they think your skin isn’t moisturized. But if you moisturize and put a setting spray that also adds moisture, your skin will look flawless! I promise you.

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Next is a John Frieda Sea Waves spray! I basically never do my hair, or put minimal effort into it (using the blow dryer) so I thought I should give it a little something else. I purchased this sea salt spray and I love it! I’ve used it on damp and dry hair, and it’s amazing. It didn’t dry out my hair nor look stringy, and it gives the right texture and volume so your hair looks great!

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Next, my go-to nail polish for the summer. I’ve been loving neutral, pastels and clay colours lately, mainly because they go with everything and they’re pretty. What other reasons are needed? The selection of colours that Essie creates are perfect for any season and any occasion!

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Let’s talk food now! I actually bought these on a whim, decided to try them and had to add them in this post. I feel like I’m usually snacking more in the summer, especially if I’m sitting outside or tanning. I’m trying to eat healthier and these are the perfect dupe for potato chips, they’re also non-GMO and gluten free. So delicious!

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And another food item, for the people with a sweet tooth! These are chocolate covered coconut chips. They are also vegan, non-GMO and gluten free. They taste delicious and they’re healthy!

This was bit of a longer post and I still couldn’t put everything in here so wear a hat, put on some sunscreen and drink plenty of water too!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved putting it together, and I would love to hear about your favourite summer essentials in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support my blog and allows me to create more posts like these. Thank you! 

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