Inspiration Slowdown

Hello there, friends!

Recently, I haven’t been able to gather enough thoughts for a post and this needs to change. My simple solution to this creative slowdown is to do things, to go out more and to make memories that I want to talk about. There are most likely lots of places in this city that I haven’t experienced yet. I feel like once we’ve lived somewhere for so long, we forget the beauty and pleasure in the little things. We lose excitement because we’ve already seen it. I’m not sure about you, but I know that I haven’t experienced what this city has and all of the beauty and adventure it holds.

There are coffee shops that I’ve never visited, the exhibits are always changing at the art gallery, there are parks I’ve never been to, there are buildings I’ve been curious about but never stepped foot in, there are artists everywhere trying to promote their hard work, drive-in theatres (coming soon), crazy activities to do… There is so much to do but we get so preoccupied with work, school and other priorities that we never take the time to explore the place we live in. Not only becoming wrapped up in other things, but so many people think it’s uninteresting because it’s not in a different city. Yes, Regina is not a Vancouver or Toronto but there is always bigger and better. We’re constantly looking for bigger and better, rather than appreciating what we’ve got here and now.

For myself, I claim that I love doing all of the things I mentioned above yet, I barely make time to actually do it. This is me saying that I’m young and I need to start exploring now, no matter if I’m at home or elsewhere. I need to see more, support more, create more and write more!

Here’s to more adventure, even if it’s not far away!

New Note-3

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