Kindness Goes a Long Way


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Hello again!

In spite of everything going on in the world, I want to spread a little love and positivity. This photo is a daily reminder to myself to do all things with kindness, no matter what.

The other day, I was having a great time at work… Now, I’m not sure if it was because the customers were absolutely wonderful (thankful this happens more often than not) or because I was in a really good mood.

Anyways, I decided that I was going to give people some compliments. This whole concept is not a big deal at all but we should all learn to compliment strangers more often! Not only does it make their day a whole lot better but it also makes you feel good to make someone smile. As I was giving out these compliments, the thing that I enjoyed most was to see their face light up with a smile. I felt good that they felt better, simple as that.

Basically anyone who is on the internet or reads the news, knows of all the negativity happening everywhere and to millions of people. It is completely heartbreaking but in the same sense I am seeing more love, compassion and unity all over the internet. Although it is so easy to get caught up in negativity, we need to bring more light into our lives.

So if you’re getting your coffee, at the market or if someone is wearing something nice, just give them a simple compliment or say something kind. It truly does go a long way and we need to see more smiles around the world!

Here’s to making strangers smile!

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