A Little Update…


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Hello again!

I’m always losing track of updating my blog when I become busy and preoccupied. I hope you are all doing fabulous and the Universe is treating you well!

A lot has happened since my last post, first thing’s first… I turned 20! This was very exciting because I am no longer a teenager, but also kind of freaky because I am no longer a teenager. Time sure flies but I like to think I’m only getting started! Second, I landed myself in my 17th episode after my birthday. I was disappointed to start my 20’s while being sick, but I cannot change that fact. That episode was one of my most difficult to bounce back from because it was different from the others. I tried not to sleep as much and used a different coping method when I was sick. I tried to live as if I wasn’t sick, but I only became more exhausted. I constantly reminded myself that everything was happening, I was still alive and I’ll be okay. I believe I was mainly upset with myself because I knew lack of sleep and alcohol triggered my episodes, only I had hoped it wouldn’t that time. In the end, I pushed through.

How was your summer?! Mine was wonderful. I enjoyed my time off from school, as my last semester was a bit of a struggle but yet again, I survived. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much of anything I had planned but it sometimes doesn’t work out that way anyways. I still enjoyed every moment… getting to see my friends and family, spending time at the beach, working and relaxing.

I’ve started my second(ish) year of University in the beginning of September. It’s nice to be back but I haven’t had the right mindset thus far. I think I’m still wanting it to be summer, it was nice not having to worry about papers or exams. Hopefully when I’m finished this post, I’ll motivate myself to study or do some homework. Wish me luck!

As I’ve said before in my previous updated posts, I’ll try to write more often. I do miss posting on here but life happens and I become wrapped up in other things. I will admit that it’s kind of difficult to write on here, study for tests, write papers and all of the wonderful joy’s of University, as well as work and have a social life… But I’ll try my best, that’s all I can do!

Anyways, I hope life continues you treat you well. Keep smiling and stay healthy!

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