Everything’s Alright

Hello friends,

Life has gotten a hold of me which prevented me from writing again… That’s alright because I’m alive, doing great and loving life! I’m almost done my second semester of University and I’m ready for summer, the hot sun, going to the beach and not worrying about assignments being due.

Anyways, I’m here to talk about failure… in a good way. Everyone is afraid of failure, right? Not getting that grade you want, not accomplishing something you need and letting yourself down… Failure totally sucks but what I’m learning is that it happens to everyone. We are all going to fail at something, maybe because we don’t want to do it or we simply don’t understand it. After beating myself up about a mark I got, I realized that this won’t be the only thing I fail. I won’t be successful the first try every time because I’m not perfect and that’s okay. The most difficult part of failure is thinking I could have done better. Well, I’m growing and I’m still learning. It’s time to accept the fact that accomplishing something is not always easy and it will take a lot of hard work, a few tears and a lot of motivation. With that, anyone can accomplish what they want.

So… Don’t let failure stop you from doing something you know you can do. You are capable of accomplishing anything and everything. You just have to work extra hard at it the next time. Failure is not bad, but you cannot quit after you are unsuccessful the first try… Do not lose hope!

Second, only be upset for a short time. Do whatever you need to do, get upset, mad or scream but do not continue to hold a grudge. There is no reason to continue to be upset with yourself after the time has passed. It will only make you feel worse and you deserve to be happy. Tell yourself that you are not the only person who hasn’t accomplished something. Your mind and body do not need the negativity… It’s time to let go!

This leads to my third point of finding an alternative route. It’s okay to ask for help, to get a tutor or do something that will allow you to accomplish what you want. Don’t think of yourself as unintelligent, only because of that one setback. If anything, you will persevere and that is what leads to success. I find it very hard to ask for help because I want to be accomplishing my goals alone. I’m in this mindset of being afraid to ask for help and I need to understand that it’s totally okay. Everyone asks for help at some point and that’s when they become successful.

I hope you are all doing great, accomplishing your goals or working towards them for a second time. Do not quit… Instead, build confidence in yourself because you can do anything.

Stay healthy, happy and keep smiling because you can do it.

I’ll be back soon!

New Note-3

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