Long time, no talk!

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Hello, friends!

How’s everyone doing? It’s been a while… about two months?! Yikes.

I told myself that I would post more but university is taking over my life, or so it seems. I’m only taking three classes too, how is that possible?! The first semester is finally complete and I survived my finals and all the stress that went with it! This makes me very happy, not only because Christmas break is here but I accomplished something I thought was going to be difficult. In all honesty, my expectations were a lot worse than reality which helped me out a lot.

After taking my year off and applying for school, I was very nervous. I was nervous to make friends, to go out of my comfort zone and go back to school. Not to mention, do all of this without going into an episode. Well, I did it! I have (somewhat) controlled my stress, with a few meltdowns but that happens with almost every student… right? I accomplished something I was scared to do and that definitely counts as something. As I move into my next semester, I do have to admit that I’m still nervous for what the classes will be like… But I have to continue on with my positive mindset and try my best. Everything will work out from there!

While I was away, I have…

  • Been writing essays, working on homework, studying for exams. All the fun stuff.
  • Finished reading a book called “Wild” written by Cheryl Strayed
  • Bought “Along Comes a Wolfe” which is written by my wonderful high school art teacher and her writing partner!
  • Watched movies, tv shows and relaxed because everyone has to do that once in a while without feeling guilty.
  • Spending time with some wonderful friends and family, going to coffee shops and taking photos.
  • Coloured my hair balayage blonde and created a story out of that… Thanks to the toner, my hair went blue for a bit (I’m laughing now that it’s over)

I’m planning on getting back into blogging once the chaos of school slows down (if it ever does…) I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and continue to have a wonderful holiday filled with love and all great things!

I’ll be back soon!

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