Autumn Ambience

Version 2

Hello beautiful people,

The other day, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my mom eating breakfast. To break the silence, my mom says, “the colours outside are so beautiful.” I got up from my chair to see what she was talking about and all I could think of was, she was right. Autumn is such a beautiful season, filled with a colourful ambience before everything turns white and frozen. Don’t get me wrong, winter is a beautiful season with the hoarfrost wrapped around the branches of bare trees and how clean the ground looks after a long snowfall. There’s just something about Autumn with the different shades of colours warming up the cool crisp air, the sounds of the crunching leaves when you step on them and not to mention I get to wear my warm, fall sweaters and fuzzy socks. The pumpkin spice everything and the cinnamon candles burning in your home, letting off that delightful scent. It seems to me, that nearly everything about autumn is so satisfying.

So many people take nature and it’s grace for granted, or maybe we don’t pay much attention to it when it’s a busy day. We’re focusing so much on what we need to be doing or where we’re going that we forget about what’s in front of us. There have been many times where I’m driving around, thinking of the things I need to be doing that day and not noticing a single thing around me. When I finally notice the sunset that I’m driving into, I’ll have some sort of calm rush over me and I’ll be in awe of how lovely it is. That’s what I felt when I was capturing these photos, the thought of how lovely the trees looked amongst each other and the fallen leaves on the ground. How the colours blend perfectly together and how simple and beautiful nature is. I’m continuously amazed with the amount of beauty this world holds and I hope that you can seek that as well. We are placed on such an incredible planet to live and we need to remember that this place is and will always be beautiful. There is so much more out there than what’s in front of us. So many places and scenery we haven’t been to and we may never get to. We need to cherish what is in front of us, the amount of colour that the seasons bring and the joy that it can bring to us, simply by looking it. Just like the sunset, if we do not pay much attention to the nature surrounding us, it will continue to be beautiful in it’s own way, even if no one bothers to look at it.

I am truly grateful that I am living in a place where I can see the colour change within the seasons.  I can look at the amounts of colour in the trees when Autumn begins and notice the new leaves and flowers when Spring arrives. There’s something about it that continues to amaze me that this world is such a wonderful, extraordinary place.

“Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile.”

New Note-3

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