Making the Jump

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Hello friends,

So, as a lot of you may know I’m headed into my first year of University. Something that I’m nervous to start but also somewhat excited. I would have to say I’m more nervous than excited though, only because it’s the fear of something bigger.

I was recently talking with my friend about fears. She said something along the lines of, “We’re all afraid of something but if we don’t face those fears, we will regret it. Sometimes you just have to jump in with two feet and figure everything out from there.” After hearing that, it made me realize that’s what I have to do or I won’t be able move forward with my life. I had an incredible year off, from working, learning more about KLS and traveling to New York City. I found myself a new job that I love very much with coworkers who are amazing. I’ve met some wonderful people along the way and I’ve learnt even more about myself. I started this blog and I’ve shared my story with thousands of people around the world. What more could I ask for?

It’s now time to start a new journey in which I’m rather anxious to begin. Whenever someone asks me if I’m excited for University, I usually force a “yes” out of myself but I always tell them I’m nervous and they’ve always shared some great advice. I have learnt that in reality, everyone gets nervous. There are hundreds of other people in the same boat as I am, so why am I stressing about it? I truly hope that after I finish this post, I’ll be able to realize that I don’t have to be nervous. I should be more excited because I know I’ll love it, I know I’ll meet even more people and I’ll make those University memories that I can hold onto forever.

Now, whatever you’re dealing with and whatever you’re nervous about, make that jump. Make that big leap forward just like I am about to do. If we never do anything we are afraid of doing, we will never grow into bigger and better. We need to be afraid sometimes, we need to test our boundaries and make the best of everything that happens along the way!

I believe in you, just as you should believe in yourself.

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