Taking A “Gap Year”

Let’s talk about why I took a year off…

As a former student, a lot of adults and teachers pressured us to make a decision that would determine the rest of our life. To me, this is such a hard decision especially when we are barely considered adults yet. As a 17 or 18 year old, we are still trying to find ourselves, our passions, what we love and want to do.

I decided to take time off from school to learn about myself and my diagnosis of Kleine-Levin Syndrome, to go on adventures and to simply take a break.

Once my year break is over, I’m going into the nursing program. I chose this career because I absolutely cherish people and love working with them. I think the feeling after I’ve helped someone, big or small, is highly satisfying. No matter how annoying it is to sit in a waiting room for hours, I really appreciate the time and effort nurses and doctors put into their job. Every single doctor I’ve been to has helped me in tremendous ways on reaching a diagnosis. I’ve been put in positions where I’ve been in hospitals or medical clinics a lot, so this also has a huge influence and what drives me to go into nursing.

I’m very excited as for what this year will bring for me!

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